A room filling installation, first presented at my solo show ‘to leave the trace’ at the Frank Taal Gallery in 2019. Three roles of carpet, each a different width, length and color: white, grey and black. On the carpet there are several handmade, grey, ceramic cubs and one grey ceramic soda can. In the carpet we can find several traces of cubes that have been moved or other cubes that have been there.

Curator Maria Tanbourgi writes: ….In this way, for example, the work Some other memory explores time-bound elements, such as presence and absence. Three roles of carpet of different width are partially rolled out, side by side in the room. One is black, one gray and one white. On the carpets are small gray ceramic cubes that, viewed from a distance, get their own independent dynamic, as if they were stopped in the middle of their movement. As we get closer we can see that the cubes seem to have a somewhat worn appearance. We also see various imprints in the carpet. It is obvious to associate the prints with traces of the ceramic cubes. This creates room for interpretation of what happened here and the prints become visible witnesses of time. The sublime of this work shows itself in this narrative moment.

On the carpet there are more than twenty ceramic objects, almost all cubes. However, one is different. It is reminiscent of an everyday object, although it cannot be fully defined because of its gray color and undefined shape. It seems up to the viewer to think about the formally known and to supplement the unknown. This ceramic object behaves as an indication of something we know, but it is not an exact copy of it. This gives the viewer a reminder of an object that was never originally there.

Materials: Carpet, ceramic cubes, ceramic soda can, grey wall.
Size variable.