A sculptural still life, in which 6 dented spray cans appear to have been carelessly left on and around a pedestal. The whole thing is located in a dilapidated building, full of graffiti and hundreds of empty spray cans as silent witnesses to the years of action that took place here.

The sculpture seems to want to blend in with its surroundings, but clearly fails to do so.

The work was made during the If Paradise Is Half As Nice #12 edition at an abandoned railway area. During 5 weeks we researched the area to be inspired by this rough space. I found this ruin of a building and used it as an exit point for this poet work that deals on my struggles to relate to the surroundings.


Photo’s: Aad Hoogendoorn

year: 2022
material: plaster, spray paint, wooden plinth
size: 30 x 20 x 120 cm