If paradise is half as nice 2 : ‘Asbestos I’

Posted on October 15, 2013 by Ties Ten Bosch

‘Asbestos I’ is a work that came to existence during the ‘As paradise is half as nice’ project in Leipzig.

While working in the old building you run into a lot of materials and of course one of them is asbestos. A material that has been a lot in the news the last years, making people think that you will die the moment you step into a room with that stuff. A material so often used in the past that it is hard to get rid of. Just like it is hard to get rid of the pictures made in art that everybody knows.

Therefor I made an image that refers some old dutch art that everybody might recognise with asbestos. And now the challenge is to find an exhibition space that has enough guts to show the work.

asbestos--I-room asbest as it getsDSC_0177