Entities (Five black squares)

Posted on August 27, 2016 by Ties Ten Bosch

Dust on wall

5 x 40cm x 40 cm

Five missing images on a wall, still present on the wall through the stain they left behind. During ‘If paradise is half as nice #6’ in Leipzig, I created this work in an old factory building. The work fits in the new series called ‘Entities’ and is based on the mark that is left behind when you take a way an object after it had been in place for years.

In this particular case I chose for five squares hung in an equal distance from each other. Together with the title it questions what could have been there? Was there art on the wall, or some panels with another function? We will never now, just that something was there.

‘If paradise is half as nice’ is a project that was organized for the fifth year. For more information check www.ipihan.com.

five-black-squares-1 five-black-squares-2