Abstract in Black @ Kreuzberg Pavillon

Posted on October 5, 2014 by Ties Ten Bosch

On the 27th of september the one night show ‘Abstract in Black’ was at display at Kreuzberg Pavillon in Berlin. I was invited to curate this show by invitation of this small, but popular project space.

I invited four artists to show there work with, based on their way of making abstract work that is made a conceptual background. Next to that, all works were only using the colours black and white. Artists on display were, next to me, Galen Gibson-Cornell, Christine Rusche, Gert-Jan Akerboom and Nick Dewar.

The main reason for choosing this theme is my own interest in the thin line between painting and conceptual background in my own work. I feel a constant struggle going on between on the one end a conceptual need in my work, a reason to make it and a constant need to show the world what I think about it, and on the other hand the satisfaction and pleasure of making a beautiful aesthetic work that could be called ‘painting’, without any purpose than the attempt to make something that is worth seeing.¬†Within the works of the artists that I invited I think to feel the same struggle and search.

Pictures of all the works in the show by: Ties Ten Bosch, Galen Gibson-Cornell, Christine Rusche, Nick Dewar and Gert-Jan Akerboom.

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