Straight from the tree #1

Branch, spirit level. Works made at the Lavangsnes Wunderkammer Artist in Residence program.


Permanent work at the sculpture landscape of Lavangsnes Wunderkammer in Norway.

6 spades covert in dust made from different rocks found at the shore line in the local fjords.

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At the core of Ties Ten Bosch’s work lies an observation and understanding of the world around us, a process of constant exploration of what we see and foremost how we see. With each series of work, the artist experiments with the possibilities of seeing. The installation In Dust Things Meet is a continuation of his approach to this experimentation. The work emerged from his residency and artistic project If paradise is half as nice #11, which took place in 2021 in an abandoned GDR department store in Meuselwitz, Germany.

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All my thoughts on a square meter

Three square meters of wall, removed plaster, pencil, white paint.

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In dust things meet

Four installations pieces consisting of
several objects coated in charcoal.
Sizes variable.

First presentation at IPIHAN #11 in Meuselwitz, Germany, second presentation at Baracca, Den Haag, the Netherlands.

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Handle with skepticism

(skins of Den Bosch)

Found posters, oil paint on canvas

155×175 cm

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Reveal the microaggression

(skins of Den Bosch)

posters, spray paint, acrylic paint

120×134 cm

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Your new hot spot

(skins of Den Bosch)

Metal sheet, found posters, oil paint, acrylic paint, spray paint


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(conspiracy everywhere)

Posters, acrylic paint

67x76x21 cm

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Rules of conspiracy

(conspiracy everywhere)

posters, spray paint, acrylic paint

100×70 cm x 4

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Entertainment in abundance

(Skins of Plovdiv)

Found posters, acrylic paint on hardboard

105x130x19 cm

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POP (skins of Berlin)

Found poster, oil paint on canvas.
140×75 cm

Ende der neuen Welt

(Conspiracies everywhere)

Posters, acrylic paint, spraypaint

185×140 cm

Ostfront (skins of Berlin)

(Skins of Berlin)

Found poster, oil paint on canvas.
100×80 cm

27:03 (skins of Berlin)

Found poster, oil paint on canvas.
120×100 cm

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Silent Green (skins of Berlin)

Found poster, oil paint on canvas.
100×70 cm

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Squeezing out a party

Performative installation, 3 paint cans, strap, confetti.

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to leave the trace

My second solo show at the Frank Taal Gallery. This show was curated by free-lance curator Maria Tanbourgi. The show evolved around the idea of following and leaving traces and the influence of time.

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Out of control

Mixed media (lackered MDF, compressed garbage from the artist and his friends), 20x20x40cm x 3

A sinners world

Mixed media (garbage, lackered MDF)
205×18,5×18,5 cm,131×18,5×18,5 cm, 75×18,5×18,5 cm, 57×18,5×18,5 cm, 37×18,5×18,5 cm



One in a million

Site specific installation, golden stone and glass.

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Natural Outreach

Ivy, 30 meter steel cable, 6 holes

30m x 30cm x 30cm

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Entities (1994, 2012, 1911)

When the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre in 1911, the museum received more visitors then ever before. The same thing happened when ‘The Scream’ was stolen from the National Gallery in Oslo in 1994. The people lined up in front of the empty space that the painting had left behind. Continue Reading →

Energy savers

A series of small frames, each containing a little work made out of tape, paper and paint. The works have a feel of leather over them as if they were skins of an animal that is not there any more. Continue Reading →

Modern thoughts, broken dreams

Modern thoughts, broken dreams is a reflection on the relation between the artist and the white wall of the art institutes. Continue Reading →

Remains/Stolen footage (after AA Bronson #3 and #4)

These works are follow ups of two works from two works that I made in 2014. The works are made with material taken from Witte de With in Rotterdam during the building up of the show of AA Bronson.

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Traces of labour

Traces of labour is a work first presented at Double Standard, a show at Lage Egal together with Ivan Liovik Ebel. The work consists of an edition of 15 t-shirts. The t-shirts have all exactly the same stains that look like stains from paining a wall white.

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Cool Calm Collected @ Galerie Gilla Lörcher

I am pleased to present my first solo show at Galerie Gilla Lörcher in Berlin under the name Cool Calm Collected. The show presents works made during my first two years in Berlin.

The show is on display from March 19 – April 22 2016,  Pohlstraße 73 , 10785 Berlin.

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