My practice can be defined as rather complex. While there is a focus on aesthetics, my body of works defines itself by a conceptual approach. I use art to question the world; to reflect, to research and sometimes criticize it. I want the viewer to stand still and overthink the topic that that specific work is about. The last few years the topic of consumption in relation to trash has a special interest in my work. Although it relates to bigger environmental issues, it also brings it back to a very personal level.

A good work of art makes you look, and keep on looking. Until you have found an answer to its enigma, one must persist in looking. That is it’s primary function.

My work asks ‘what-if’ questions: What if ivy is given help to overgrow a building (natural outreach), what if a white cube had not stopped a column of garbage growing (Atlas), what if I make a portrait of an abandoned building, by showing the trash that is found in it (In a perfect world (24 years and five weeks of garbage in paradise). Invitation and collaboration are a core part of my practice. The art creates an ongoing conversation between me, my work and the viewer.


CV 12 februari 2019.pdf


1977, ’s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands
Artist based in Berlin

Hans-Schmidt-strasse 4
12589, Berlin, Germany
+49 (0) 157 56728186

Rodenborch college Rosmalen, HAVO, 1989-1994
Rodenborch college Rosmalen, VWO, 1994-1996
TU Delft, Industrial designing, 1996-2000 (no diploma)
Willem de Kooning Academie, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2001-2005

Prices, stipendia, etc.
2017 AIR l’Atelier sur Seine, Fontainbleua, France
2016 State sponsored studio BBK Berlin
2013 Nomination for best presentation Re:Rotterdam Art fair
2011 O&O subsidie, CBK Rotterdam
2010 Artists residence Douala, Kameroen, Fonds BKVB

Exhibitions & projects (selection):
Solo shows
2018 Every history tells a different story, ZQM, Berlin, Germany
2017 From Scratch, In the Rackroom, Berlin, Germany
2017 Sweet nothing, Frank Taal Gallerie, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2016 Cool Calm Collected, Gilla Loercerh Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2012 I don’t quit my daytime job, Upominki, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2012 Initial Numbers, Rechts achter, CBK Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2011 Home warming, WEI, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
2011 Framed, Gallery Hommes, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2008 There could be something beautiful here, Argument, Trilburg, the Netherlands

Group shows (selection)
2019 Rhizome, Frank Taal Galery, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2019 Exchange, Habitable spaces, Kingsbury, texas, USA
2018 IPIHAN, Altenburg, Germany
2018 The Flying Field, Berlin, Germany
2017 Art-history-collection, Parts project, Den Haag, the Netherlands
2017 Meta, Lage Egal, Berlin, Germany
2017 IPIHAN, Zeitz, Germany
2016 Crosswords3, Lage Egal, Berlin, Germany
2016 Crosswords 3, Jordan/Seydoux, Berlin, Germany
2016 Zu_flug, Woltersburger Mühle, Uelzen, Germany
2016 IPIHAN, Leipzig, Germany
2016 Lage Egal, Berlin, Germany (duo-show)
2015 P/Art, Hamburg, Germany
2015 One plus one, Lage Egal, Berlin, Germany
2015 Amusing ourselves to death, De Rotterdam, Rotterdam
2015 Reverse Causality, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam (duo show)
2015 Appropriating Languae Series, Maniere Noir, Berlin
2014 Abstact in Black, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin, Germany
2014 If Paradise is half as nice 3, Leipzig, Germany
2014 Unter Zwischen, Ampelhaus, Orangenbaum, Germany
2014 Figure That, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2014 Half empty, KWC, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2013 If Paradise is half as nice 2 (project), Leipzig, Germany
2013 Because it’s written, W_lf_rt, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2011 Noorderlicht, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2010 SUD2010, Douala, Cameroun
2010 Party Political, i.c.w. Hope Street Ltd./Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, UK
2010 Paramaribo SPAN, Surinaamsche bank, Paramaribo, Suriname
2009 Volksrekorders, Blurrr, Tent., Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2009 Trappen/Tribune/Tent., 1o jaar Tent., Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2009 Grensloos Kunst Verkennen, IJhorst & De Wijk, the Netherlands
2008-2009 Restroom, NEST in NAI Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2008 NYPD, Conflux Festival, New York, NY, USA
2008 Art Amsterdam, MK-Gallery stand, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2008 Volksrekorders, Dresden (i.c.w. Filmfest Dresden), Germany
2007 Art for A Cause Fair, Miami, U.S.A.
2007 ‘Shipyard’, The Hague Sculpture, the Hague, the Netherlands,
2007 Volksrekorders, Zagreb, Croatia,
2006 ‘I.B.M.’, Wereld van Witte de With,Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2005-2006 ‘So Fresh’, Expodium Utrecht, the Netherlands
2005 ‘Basis’, Artis, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, invited by Dijkman en Osterholt, the

Collections that acquired work:
MAL Collection, Jan van Vliet (private collector), Ward
Bouwens (private collector), Reyn van der Lugt (private collector)

Other activities
2010-2015 guest-teacher at Willem de Kooning Academie.
2007-2012 Teaching for Kunstenaars in de Klas, Rotterdam
2007-2010 Initiator and participant of the Volksrekorders collective
2013-present Initiator and participant of the IPIHAN collective
2005-2013 Member of the B.a.d-foundation, Rotterdam
2009-2011 Initiator and editor of the art-zine hOUTSKOOL

associated websites:
www.franktaal.nl / www.ipihan.com / www.volksrekorders.com