Dit is het

Posted on September 23, 2009 by Ties Ten Bosch

For the ‘Grensloos Kunstverkennen’ art-route at Ijhorst/De Wijk I created the work ‘This is it’. In the garden of a beautiful old farm I used a dead tree-trunk to create a work that fitted the exhibition and its surroundings. The tree was overgrown with ivy, which made it look like a sort of ancient greek pillar. ┬áThe ‘gallery’ built around the tree was made of wood contributed by a farmer from the area and was completely white from the inside.

While walking around in the garden I wanted to confront the viewer with the difference between the beauty already present in the garden and that what the artists added to that. Entering the work I wanted the viewer to question the ‘artwork’ itself and make them think about what is the art here: the tree, the hut/gallery or the neon-light saying ‘This is it’.

Dit is het Dit is het Dit is het Dit is het