Because it’s written

Posted on May 2, 2013 by Ties Ten Bosch

‘Because it’s written’ is a show I’ve put together for the South Explorer Festival in Charlois at the Wolfart Projectspaces. The show presents works by eleven artists that use text in their visual art works on a regular basis.

With: Niels Post, Daan den Houter, Jack Segbars, Joanneke Meester, Jeroen Bosch, Joshua Thies, Sebastiaan Schlicher, Reinaart Vanhoe, Silvia Bakker, Jeroen Jongeleen en Ties Ten Bosch
Arguably, the turn of the century and what is now termed the transition to “modern art” has been the beginning and subsequent continuation of the appearance of text in visual art. Artists do not only use images in their visual art works, but add text to the image, use text instead of images or even text as image. “Because it’s written” serves as both an exhibition and as a research tool on the variety of ways text continues to be used in visual art today.

For a brief history of the use of text in visual arts follow this wordpress link: http://textarthistory.wordpress.

“Because it’s written” opened in context of SOUTH EXPLORER FESTIVAL among 7 locations in the neighborhood of Oude Charlois, Rotterdam.


Niels Post and Daan den Houter Ties Ten Bosch Silvia Bakker Sebastiaan Schlicher Reinaart Vanhoe Reinaart Vanhoe Joshua Thies Joshua Thies Joanneke Meester Jack Segbars and Joanneke Meester Jeroen Jongeleen and Silvia Bakker Jeroen Jongeleen Jeroen Bosch