Means to play

Posted on April 4, 2023 by Ties Ten Bosch

(In dust things meet)
Room filling installation at Kiosk24, Herford.
4 objects, lacquer, ground charcoal, carpet

From the website of Kiosk24:

The installation Means To Play by artist Ties Ten Bosch is set up in the exhibition space and invites visitors to a poetic view of seemingly familiar things. “Means To Play” is thus the 5th work in the series “In Dust Things Meet” by Ties Ten Bosch.

The artist writes about it:
“We see several objects, but stripped of their specific properties and reduced to a
Silhouette, an elementary form are reduced. Three spring rockers and a living room lamp in
a snowy white landscape. We recognize the objects, but they are detached from their usual
detached from their usual context. This creates a new story that will be different for each
viewer will be different.”
Ties Ten Bosch (NL, 1977) lives and works in Berlin.

The exhibition is on view until May 15, 2023 at Kiosk 24, Radewigerstra├če 24, 32051 Herford.

It can be viewed 24 hours a day and in the dark it appears particularly impressively illuminated. I wish all visitors a wonderful experience with it.