In dust things meet

Posted on December 9, 2021 by Ties Ten Bosch

Four installations pieces consisting of
several objects coated in charcoal.
Sizes variable.

First presentation at IPIHAN #11 in Meuselwitz, Germany, second presentation at Baracca, Den Haag, the Netherlands.

During ‘If paradise is half as nice’ #11, I worked on an installation called In dust all things meet. This experiment with several materials resulted in 4 sculptural installations that were presented at Baracca in Den Haag under the title In dust things meet.

The works force a dialogue between apparently unrelated objects. These objects are being removed from their daily contexts and brought together by me. In this way, connections and narratives are being created. Every person makes up a different alliance between the incongruent objects that meet each other in a sculptural way by being covered in the same layer of charcoal dust.