Remains/Stolen footage (after AA Bronson #3 and #4)

Posted on June 19, 2016 by Ties Ten Bosch

These works are follow ups of two works from two works that I made in 2014. The works are made with material taken from Witte de With in Rotterdam during the building up of the show of AA Bronson.

The material taken from my job at Witte de With consists of black floor cover that was used while painting the walls. I used cut-outs of this material in order to make new compositions. This works reflects on my position as an artist working for an art institution as an art handler to earn my money. In this way I am not only getting paid for painting the wall, but in the meanwhile also for creating material for my own art works.

AA-Bronson-#3-WEB AA-Bronson-#4 AA-Bronson-#3-and-#4