Traces of labour

Posted on June 19, 2016 by Ties Ten Bosch

Traces of labour is a work first presented at Double Standard, a show at Lage Egal together with Ivan Liovik Ebel. The work consists of an edition of 15 t-shirts. The t-shirts have all exactly the same stains that look like stains from paining a wall white.

Traces of labour is a work made after a month of working at a museum, building up an exhibition, wearing the same t-shirt every day. After that I copied the stains on the t-shirt and transferred them to 15 new shirts.

For the presentation at Lage Egal, we chose to hang three t-shirts on a ladder that was full of paint marks. The rest of the t-shirts remained in a box next to the ladder. The presentation of this work will be adapted to every show.

traces-of-labour-close-up-1 traces-of-labour-close-up-2 traces-of-labour-close-up-3 traces-of-labour-close-up-4