the Continuum

Posted on April 1, 2015 by Ties Ten Bosch

The continuum is a series of work that form the start of a new research. Until now the series exist out of 3 works: ‘A controversial thought in a continuum’, ‘In search for the continuum’ and ‘Swinging in the continuum’.

These works are inspired by the surfaces that I use to work on. After long time a pattern of cuts and scratches start to form that form a irrational, random image that remind of paintings by Cy Twombly or even some paintings by Robert Rauschenberg.

In these works I try to research my possibilities to recreate this randomness into a new composition by scratching and cutting.

Materials: wood, paint, chalk. Sizes: ‘A controversial thought in a continuum’ 150 x 250 cm; ‘In search for the continuum’ and ‘Swinging in the continuum’ both 130 x 55 cm.