The whitecube remains #1

Posted on June 23, 2015 by Ties Ten Bosch

An installation built at the Lasloods in Vlissingen during the project ‘If paradise is half as nice 4’.

Materials: plasterboard, scrap wood, paint, frame, floor cover. Size: 4 x 4 meter.

What on the inside looks like the ruïns of a art space, turns out to be a scene decoration at the outside. The work that is presented inside the remains of the gallery is made of a piece of paper that was part of the material that kept the floor clean while building the set.

The project was an hosted by the Cultuurwerf at an old welding factory in Vlissingen.

remains of the white cube, an installation build at If paradise is half as nice 4 in Vlissingen. remains-of-the-whitecube-3 remains-of-the-whitecube-5 remains-of-the-whitecube-6 remains-of-the-whitecube-7