Out of the White cube #2

Posted on July 27, 2014 by Ties Ten Bosch

Invited by the organisation of the Ampelhaus in Oranienbaum (Germany) I spent four weeks working at this unique location in the small village close to Dessau. This residency period ended with a participation with four of my works in the exhibition ‘Unter zwischen im Ampelhaus’, two new ones and two works that were created last year in Leipzig.

The Ampelhaus is an old house close to the small palace which is the touristic attraction of the village. The house is since three years the stage for a yearly exhibition of art and design. Running up to this exhibition four artists are invited to spend some time working at the house. This year the honour was all mine.

Arriving at the house, my eye immediately  fell on the ruins of an old chicken house in the back of the garden. I started renovating the small building by taking of the roof completely, as it was full of ants. After stripping and cleaning I gave the house a new roof, a new electrical system and of course the most important thing: a new layer of white paint on the inside in order to create a new white cube for my new works.

Works presented during the show:

-Out of the whitecube I (triptych: frames, paint on paper)

-Creating the whitecube I (framed photo print)

-Out of the whitecube II (triptych: paint on paper, monochrome painted metal plates)

-Creating the whitecube II (framed photo print)

out-of-the-whitecube-2 out-of-the-whitecube-I gartenzimmer creating-the-whitecube-2-close creating-the-whitecube-2-afstand creating-the-whitecube-1-close 01