Kedeng kedeng oehoe

Posted on April 13, 2014 by Ties Ten Bosch

In honour of the opening of the new Central Station about 6 artists were asked to create a work in public space. These works were to make a connection between the train station and the inner city. This commission resulted in my work ‘Kedeng kedeng oehoe’, at display at the new CitizenM hotel in Rotterdam.

The work consists of a neon text that ‘quotes’ the refrain of a song by the very popular dutch folk singer Guus Meeuwis called Per Spoor (‘By trainrail’). This text makes the direct link to train traffic and the Central Station as was asked for in the commission.

A more important layer in the work is the reference to the ‘neon quotes’ that are present all over the city of Rotterdam; famous quotes by people like Andy Warhol, Lucebert, Erasmus and Jules Deelder, great artists, poets, thinkers. By adding the quote of Guus Meeuwis’ song, these quotes are relativized and put in a different context.

DSC_0456 DSC_0488 nacht-met-CitizenM