Ruïns @ Donau83

Posted on April 13, 2014 by Ties Ten Bosch

Ruïns was the first exhibition in the new projectspace Donau83 in Berlin. I was invited to make a show together with Aldo van den Broek and initiator Bram Braam. Three dutch artists in Berlin with an aesthetic connection in their work.

For this exhibition I created three new works based on the ‘Remains/Stolen footage’ series, but this time in a 3D version. The works make a reference to the aesthetic aspect of historical artefacts. Objects that we consider to be of historical value are often also considered as aesthetically good looking.

Playing with this fact and the fact that the pieces of paint-spattered paper are merely just a left-over from a bigger effort, the works make an appeal on the viewer’s ability to make a connection between the value of historical artefacts that are created in history and objects that are created now. As time will pass, these new artefacts can become of historical value as well.

The series of works presented here are made out of the material taken from the project in Leipzig called ‘If paradise is half as nice’. They came to existence while creating a so called white cube in an abandoned factory.